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Link cù interwiki "Animal"[edità a fonte]

Hi Thadh, the wikidata item d:Q729 is not protected, you can edit it section by section.
Regarding the ending of term zoolugia and similar terms, you can check at Corsican Dictionary INFCOR: the ending -"lugia" is in cismuntincu, the more standardized variety. --Jumpy01 (discussioni)

@Jumpy01 Thanks for fixing it. When I tried to do that, I got the message that I didn't have the rights to link them :O. On the note about "-lugia", I am using INFCOR a lot actually, but the question is, do we want to standardize the endings (so move Entomologia to Antomolugia and Urnitulugia to Ornitolugia) or do we want to respect the individuality of the editors, risking inconsistency?

Varietà di a lingua[edità a fonte]

Hi, as you can see on my recent contribs, I tried to standardize the titles about sciences : they all are written in corsu supranu.
The customary rule in small wikis is the following : regarding the stubs (very poor content) you can move and develop them. For complete or developed articles, don't move and do not overwrite the language's variety. --Jumpy01 (discussioni) 20:20, 21 sit 2020 (UTC)
Thanks, grazie, I am not very familiar with Wikipedia yet, so it's a good thing you tell me. Thadh (discussioni) 20:34, 21 sit 2020 (UTC)