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Hi, Andre and welcome to the Corsican wikipedia! Benvinuta annantu à Wikipedi in lingua corsa! I sometimes use your script PagefromFile in order to speed up the articles' upload process. It works very well and it is a very useful tool. I have just one suggestion: is it possible to avoid writing the title of the page which has just been created with "pagefromfile"? For example, the first line of the page's text is "start PageTitle", which results in the first line of the page being PageTitle. But sometimes, this is a drawback, for example, when attempting to write many pages which only consist of redirects, since the REDIRECT# doesn't work if there is some other text in the correspnding page. To sum up, my question is: is it possible to avoid writing PageTitle as the first line of the page just created? Thank you. Img

It is possible to have the '''PageTitle''' further down. This should solve the problems with creating redirects - if you try to make a page as a redirect with other text below rather than above the redirect, the redirect should work (and the text should be removed by the Mediawiki software). - Andre Engels 19:57, 15 October 2005 (UTC)

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